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MGB Weber carburetor Conversions

These well known kits considerably improve the reliability of your MGB. No frequent adjustments as on the S.U. or Zenith carburetors. Increases power too. Kits come with a pre-jetted genuine (not a replica) Weber DGV carburetor, intake manifold, linkage, air filter and instructions. On 62-74 cars we would recommend buying a Weber accelerator cable and the manifold gasket below. On 75-80 cars you will need an exhaust header below as the stock manifold has the intake and exhaust as one piece. Also on 75-80 cars you will need a choke cable if you buy the Weber conversion with a manual choke. Be sure to check local ordinances before installing. Call for race sidedraft carburetor conversions.

MGB Downdraft kit with manual choke 62-80
Item #: P17-001

photos description
Price: $549.00
MGB Downdraft kit with electric choke 62-80
Item #: P17-002

photos description
Price: $559.00
MGB Manifold gasket 62-80
Item #: CAM1569

photos description
Price: $7.50
MGB Accelerator cable, Weber conversion 62-74
Item #: BHH1952
For 62-74 MGB Weber conversions. Works great with the Weber linkage.
photos description
Price: $13.50
MGB Choke cable 62-80
Item #: BHH2064

photos description
Price: $25.00
MGB Exhaust header 62-80
Item #: 4800
Comes with a gasket.
photos description
Price: $189.00
MGB Water choke blanking plate 75-80
Item #: LAM1022X
For 75-80 MGBs to block off the water choke passage in the back of the cylinder head.
photos description
Price: $19.00
MGB Cylinder head air pump plug 68-80
Item #: 052242

photos description
Price: $2.00
MGB Downdraft Weber air filter assembly 62-80
Item #: 99217.331

photos description
Price: $36.00
Replacement air filter element for above 62-80
Item #: 99400.291
Most common filter used on MGB Weber conversions. 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 1 3/4"
photos description
Price: $15.00
Weber downdraft carburetor rebuild kit 62-80
Item #: 92.3237.05
Includes the power valve, accelerator pump diaphragm, needle and seat, filter, gaskets and seals.
photos description
Price: $55.00
Weber downdraft carburetor base gasket 62-80
Item #: 99005.068
Between the carburetor and the manifold.
photos description
Price: $3.50
MGB Haynes Weber Carburetor manual
Item #: HM299
Covers Weber Carburetor rebuilding and tuning.
photos description
Price: $32.00
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