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MGA Weber Conversions

These well known kits considerably improve the reliability of your MGA. No frequent adjustments as on the S.U. carburetors. Increases power too. Kits come with a pre-jetted genuine (not a replica) Weber DGV carburetor, intake manifold, linkage, air filter and instructions. You will need to fabricate a longer accelerator cable to fit an MGA. We also recommend that you buy a new manifold gasket. Be sure to check local ordinances before installing. Call for race sidedraft carburetor conversions.

MGA Weber downdraft conversion kit 55-62
Item #: P17-001

photos description
Price: $589.00
MGA Manifold gasket 55-62
Item #: CAM1569
Heavy duty upgrade.
photos description
Price: $8.00
MGA Downdraft Weber air filter assembly 55-62
Item #: 99217.331

photos description
Price: $36.00
Sale: $29.00 Ends: 01/01/2024
MGA Replacement air filter element for above 55-62
Item #: 99400.291
Most common filter used on MGA Weber conversions. 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 1 3/4"
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Price: $16.00
MGA Weber downdraft carburetor rebuild kit 55-62
Item #: 92.3237.05
Includes the power valve, accelerator pump diaphragm, needle and seat, filter, gaskets and seals.
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Price: $58.00
MGA Weber downdraft carburetor base gasket 55-62
Item #: 99005.068
Between the carburetor and the manifold.
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Price: $3.50
MGA Haynes Weber Carburetor manual 55-62
Item #: HM299
Covers Weber Carburetor rebuilding and tuning.
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Price: $38.00
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